By Arianne Foulks/Stephanie Lendrum

The holiday market season is here. Along with it comes excitement, chaos, and exhaustion – and hopefully profits too. Bottom line – I think the key to success is to learn from your experiences and build your presence from one year to the next. I was invited here to share with you some tips that I’ve learned from doing holiday markets over the past four years.

What you’ll learn from this post: I wouldn’t exactly call this my “recipe for success.” It’s more like a lesson in evolution. I hope that what I’m sharing here will help bring success to your booth this holiday season and in years to come.

What I’m not going to cover: There are loads of articles about how to design your display, and what to bring with you. Don’t get me wrong, those are important pieces of information! But I think that the techniques I’ll share here will be enlightening and fresh.

So let’s get started.