Envisioning Success: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right


Success has a different definition for nearly everybody. For some, success comes in the form of monetary gain or professional development. For others (maybe many of you), it comes in the form of business growth and prosperity. For others yet, success comes in the form of a happy and content family life, with a large network of social contacts. Perhaps success means all of these things to you. Or maybe you have a completely different version that you call your own.

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Top 32 Set: Let the Voting Rounds Begin!


What an amazing bunch of submissions we received for this year’s Facebook Cover Contest! The quality of work was absolutely out of this world! Thank you to each and every artist that took the time to submit.
After much deliberation among TCR staff, we have narrowed the field down to the Top 32. Listed below are the Finalists, pairings, and voting dates.

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5 Fundamental Trends You MUST Embrace to Survive in 2013

There are always trends influencing our lives and our handmade businesses. There are also other trends that have been with us for a while, but many artists fail to embrace them. In my travels around the country doing workshops on craft marketing, I often find that artists are reluctant to use trends to their advantage. Rather than get behind a trend, they say “I don’t do that.” Others reject or ignore the trend by citing excuses like, “I don’t have the time to…”, or “I can’t afford to…”. If you’re using excuses rather than getting on board, you’re missing valuable opportunities to help grow your business.

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Sales Techniques for Craftspeople

I don’t know about you, but I dread the thought of purchasing a used car, because I don’t like dealing with used car salesmen. I can hear the howls of protest against my blanket condemnation of all the good, decent, ethical,...

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