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The Psychology of Sales at a Craft Show

beginningbusiness_august2008Well, today’s the big day, the day of your first craft show. You selected an appropriate venue. You arrived on time. You’re displaying only juried items. Your booth is handsome and well-done. The only problem is…you’re competing with other vendors at the event. Now what? How do you bring customers into your booth?

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How to Capitalize on the Multi-Billion Dollar Wedding Market

Jasmine Sky custom-designs and hand-paints silk beach wedding dresses. Ah June, the traditional month for weddings. There’s just something joyous about the beauty and excitement of a big gala celebration as friends and family witness solemn vows, followed by a fête for the happy couple.

The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Even in a rough economy, most couples don’t want to scrimp on whatever it takes to make their special day memorable and unique. A bride, especially, is interested in making her wedding stand out. Weddings are nothing if not entrenched in tradition, so how does a bride go about introducing a distinctive touch to her special day?

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Retail Marketing: Use the Right Method to Make More Money

When running a craft business, there are two basic divisions in sales type: retail (selling directly to the customer) and wholesale (selling to a middleman, who sells to the customer). It’s entirely possible to do both, of course. But, the common element in both types of sales is marketing. How else can you earn money if you don’t market your products to people who want to buy them?

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