By Libby Diament/Craftsposure

Libby from Diament Jewelry has been selling her beautiful handmade and vintage jewelry since 2009 in New York.
Today she wholesales her jewelry to over 60 retail stores and she has been kind enough to offer her advice on building successful wholesale relationships.

LIBBY: I started my career working in corporate cosmetics in my early twenties doing various jobs from being an assistant to planning events. It was a magical experience because it opened my eyes to the inner processes of a big company. And I was able to do amazing things like work backstage at fashion week!

But like many corporate gigs, I felt trapped. My creativity was stifled. And I didn’t have the freedom to express and implement ideas. While working 9 to 5, I attended a jewelry school on the side and I never looked back. Slowly, I made the switch to becoming a full time jewelry designer. Fast forward five years and I’m now doing what I love every single day. I also have one full time employee (my amazing cousin Jean!) and an amazing bunch of retailers who stock my products.