Every day there are new smart phone applications (apps) coming along that can help organize and streamline small businesses. Here are a few of my favorites that I use at home and on the road:

  •  Mobile Receipt by Mitek Systems (www.miteksystems.com) – While there are several apps that can help business owners keep track of travel receipts, this is the one I use is. When I purchase a meal or buy gasoline, I pull out my IPhone, photograph the receipt, enter the amount and the category of expense, press save, and BOOM, I’m done! No more saving crumpled papers and trying to reconstruct my expenses later. When I get home from my trip, I create an expense report in minutes from a message that arrives in my email. From there I can easily print or send the report to a client. The time that this app saves me on tax preparation is amazing!
  •  Motion X-GPS (www.maps4pc.com) – My phone is also a GPS device that gets me to shows, hotels, and restaurants. By simply asking the phone “gas near me?” a map displaying all nearby gas stations will pop up on screen. My phone will even speak directions making the effort all hands free. This can be a real life saver when racing to an airport with a rental car.
  •  Metalsmith Suites by Tim McCreight (www.brynmorgen.com) There are dozens of apps that I use daily and a few that help me make my jewelry. Using this app, I can easily calculate the cost of sheet silver, gold, or platinum by simply entering the spot price of that metal. I can also look up the properties of gemstones and see a photo of a particular gem to show customers. These are just two of hundreds of time-saving functions that this brilliant app performs.
  •  Victoria Lansford’s “I make jewelry” (www.victorialansford.com) – This app is great for converting all types of international weights. Converting grams-to pennyweights-to troy ounces is no longer a daunting task with this useful tool.

Check with fellow artists in your particular medium to see what apps they’re using to make their business more efficient.