By Charlie Cummings

Hopefully you haven’t already learned this the hard way, but you can’t afford to do a shoddy job on packaging ceramics for shipping. Early on in his career, Charlie Cummings, artist and proprietor of Charlie Cummings Gallery (, shipped some pots to an exhibition and all of them arrived shattered. Once was all it took, and now Charlie has a great system for packaging ceramics for shipping.

There are many approaches to packing pots for shipping, but my current method has been very successful for my gallery and is recommended by major carriers. This system uses two layers of boxes as the first line of defense against damage, packing peanuts as void filler between both the inner and outer boxes and objects inside of the inner box to cushion against blows, and several layers of bubble wrap tightly secured around each piece to keep pots safe from both outside forces and striking against each other.