Our Cover Contest has moved into the Semi-Final round of voting. Along with our 8 daily Quarterfinal Round winners, we have added 2 “Wild Cards”! These two were the highest overall vote-getters who did not win their daily round of voting (they are indicated below).
Here are the rules for the Semi-Final Round:
On June 26th and 27th, we will post 5 artist images on our Facebook Timeline each day. Vote on your favorite by clicking “like” on that image. The single highest vote-getter for each day will move to the Final Round of voting, which will be a one-on-one voting competition on July 1 – 3.
If you are one of the Semi-Finalists listed below, make sure to let all your friends and followers know what date to vote!
Now, here are your Semi-Finalists:

June 26th

Angela Heim
“Granulated Amethyst Necklace in Silver” Photo by Kimberly Schlegel

Angela Heim Granulated Amethyst Necklace in Silver Photo by Kimberly Schlegel 300x258

Cindy Silas – WILD CARD
“Floral Concerto Necklace” Photo by Robert Diamante

Cindy Silas Floral Concerto Necklace Photo by Robert Diamante 188x258

Dawn Horner – WILD CARD
“Labradorite Shield” Photo by Ralph Gabriner

Dawn Horner Labradorite Shield Photo by Ralph Gabriner 172x258

Pamela Mattei
“DyeSignEr Wall of Scarves” Photo by Artist

Pamela Mattei DyeSignEr Wall of Scarves Photo by Artist 184x258

Maggie Joynt
“Pinned Petal Earrings” Photo by Artist

Maggie Joynt Pinned Petal Earrings Photo by Artist 168x258

June 27th

Laurie Leonard
“Winter Trees” Photo by Larry Sanders

Laurie Leonard Winter Trees Photo by Larry Sanders 300x199

Lori Kaplan
“Ruffled Fluorite and Sterling Necklace” Photo by Artist

Lori Kaplan Ruffled Fluorite and Sterling Necklace Photo by Artist 220x258

John Shrader
“Ocean Home” Photo by Artist

John Shrader Ocean Home Photo by Artist 171x258

Elena Rosenberg
“Rococo Shawl” Photo by Artist

Elena Rosenberg Rococo Shawl Photo by Artist 197x258

Bonnie Gibson
“Beetle Garden” Photo by Artist

Bonnie Gibson Beetle Garden Photo by Artist 226x258

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