What an amazing bunch of submissions we received for this year’s Facebook Cover Contest! The quality of work was absolutely out of this world! Thank you to each and every artist that took the time to submit.
After much deliberation among TCR staff, we have narrowed the field down to the Top 32. Listed below are the Finalists, pairings, and voting dates.

On each day, starting June 10th, TCR staff will post all four listed submissions on our Facebook Timeline at around 9:00 am Central Time. Users vote for their favorite submission by clicking “like” on that image. Voting stays open for 24 hours after the images are posted. The image with the most “likes” at the end of each 24 hour voting round moves on to the Top 8!
So, if you are one of the Finalists listed below, make sure to let all your friends and followers know what date to vote!
Now, here are your Finalists:

June 10th

Lilly Barrack
“Pretty in Pink Big Rose Quartz Pink Ice Trillion B47 Bracelet” Photo by Jamie, Gigi, & Phaedra
Lilly Barrack Pretty in Pink Big Rose Quartz Pink Ice Trillion B47 Bracelet Photo by Jamie Gigi  Phaedra 300x235

Merry ArtToones
“Cageworn” Photo by Artist
Merry ArtToones Cageworn Photo by Artist 169x258

Angela Heim
“Granulated Amethyst Necklace in Silver” Photo by Kimberly Schlegel
Angela Heim Granulated Amethyst Necklace in Silver Photo by Kimberly Schlegel 300x258

Bette Golden Lamb
“From Within” Photo by J.J. Lamb
Bette Golden Lamb From Within Photo by J.J. Lamb 194x258

June 11th

Cindy Silas
“Floral Concerto Necklace” Photo by Robert Diamante
Cindy Silas Floral Concerto Necklace Photo by Robert Diamante 188x258

Patti Dowse
“Handmade Purse” Photo by Artist
Patti Dowse Photo by Artist 233x258

Dawn Horner
“Labradorite Shield” Photo by Ralph Gabriner
Dawn Horner Labradorite Shield Photo by Ralph Gabriner 172x258

Pamela Mattei
“DyeSignEr Wall of Scarves” Photo by Artist
Pamela Mattei DyeSignEr Wall of Scarves Photo by Artist 184x258

June 12th

Katherine Polochak
“Majesty” Photo by Andrea Palochak
Katherine Polochak Majesty Photo by Andrea Palochak 300x200

Kelly Thiel
“Thinking Cap” Photo by Charlie Thiel
Kelly Thiel Thinking Cap Photo by Charlie Thiel 172x258

Maggie Joynt
“Pinned Petal Earrings” Photo by Artist
Maggie Joynt Pinned Petal Earrings Photo by Artist 168x258

Catherine Hamilton
“Warrior One” Photo by Artist
Catherine Hamilton Warrior One Photo by Artist 177x258

June 13th

Cara DiMassimo
Artist and Model “The Glass Dress” Photo by Heather DeFelice
Cara DiMassimo Artist and Model The Glass Dress Photo by Heather DeFelice 171x258

Mandy Allen
“Purple Iris Necklace” Photo by Daniel Van Rossen
Mandy Allen Purple Iris Necklace Photo by Daniel Van Rossen 172x258

Tony Reynolds
“Purity” Photo by Artist
Tony Reynolds Purity Photo by Artist 121x258

Laurie Leonard
“Winter Trees” Photo by Larry Sanders
Laurie Leonard Winter Trees Photo by Larry Sanders 300x199

June 14th

Kristi Hall
“Fused Glass and Copper Bracelet” Photo by Artist
Kristi Hall Fused Glass and Copper Bracelet Photo by Artist 300x167

Lori Kaplan
“Ruffled Fluorite and Sterling Necklace” Photo by Artist
Lori Kaplan Ruffled Fluorite and Sterling Necklace Photo by Artist 220x258

Francene Levinson
“Anemone” Photo by Artist
Francene Levinson Title Anemone Photo by Artist 194x258

Melody Armstrong
“Hinged Pyrite Cube Bracelet” Photo by Artist
Melody Armstrong Hinged Pyrite Cube Bracelet Photo by Artist 300x251

June 17th

Joy Scott
“In the Heat of the Night” Photo by Larry Scott
Joy Scott In the Heat of the Night Photo by Larry Scott 258x258

Elizabeth Mostello-Harris
“Solidus” Photo by Artist
Elizabeth Mostello-Harris Solidus Photo by Artist 300x225

John Shrader
“Ocean Home” Photo by Artist
John Shrader Ocean Home Photo by Artist 171x258

Birgit Breuer
“Biggi’s Garden” Photo by Artist
Birgit Breuer Biggis Garden Photo by Artist 300x225

June 18th

Elena Rosenberg
“Rococo Shawl” Photo by Artist
Elena Rosenberg Rococo Shawl Photo by Artist 197x258

Louise James Coulson
“Caviar Set” Photo by Don Coulson
Louise James Coulson Caviar Set Photo by Don Coulson 258x258

Jara Loewen
“Copper and German Silver Wire Necklace” Photo by Jeff Machtig
Jara Loewen Copper and German Silver Wire Necklace Photo by Jeff Machtig 258x258

Merideth Young
“Flower Power” Photo by Rick Lee
Merideth Young Flower Power Photo by Rick Lee 288x258

June 19th

Michael Jefferies
“Handmade Gold and Diamond Rings” Photo by Artist
Michael Jefferies Handmade gold and diamond rings Photo by Artist 258x258

Bonnie Gibson
“Beetle Garden” Photo by Artist
Bonnie Gibson Beetle Garden Photo by Artist 226x258

Janet and Jay O’Rourke
“Mad Hatters Tea Wood Pigment, Colored Pencil, Rhinestones” Photo by Gledhill Photography
Janet and Jay ORourke Mad Hatters Tea Wood pigment colored pencil rhinestones Photo by Gledhill Photography 171x258

John Beaver
“Rolling Wave Bowl” Photo by Artist
John Beaver Rolling Wave Bowl Photo by Artist 300x214

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